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The emergence of Kim Kardashian in Hollywood has ruined the reign of numerous sexy babes in the industry. Her curvy, hourglass figure in the past couple of years has attracted countless fashion and men’s magazines, television gigs, and product endorsements. Her twitter account filled with links of her semi-naked photos can build a new country with its number of followers. The Kim Kardashian sex tape, which bombarded numerous email accounts, celebrity websites, and blogs three years ago, is continuously being sought, downloaded, and viewed of online users until now. Kim’s exotic appeal and ravishing sexiness make her one of Hollywood’s sex symbols—a woman that a lot of men are willing to die for.

Kim is a Califonia darling, but that does not mean she does not know how to play with boys. She was previously married to Damon Thomas for four years. When they eventually called the relationship off, she hooked up with popular bachelors in the Hollywood music industry, including singer and former boy band member Nick Lachey, rapper Nick Canon, and of course her partner in the very controversial Kim Karsdashian sex tape, Ray J. In the past couple of years, as if tired of music celebrities, Kim has learned to love athletes, particularly football players. She hooked up with New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush, had a fling with Spanish team heartthrob Cristiano Ronaldo, and is now dating her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy player Miles Austin.

There is no doubt that what Kim made her a Hollywood sex symbol that she is today was her notorious sex tape. The tape was released in February 2007 by a leading adult film company in California, which revealed that it got and bought the material from a third party. The person who sold the tape to the company is still unknown, but people don’t care anymore since hundreds of thousands of people have already seen the sexual exploits of Kim and her hip-hop boyfriend Ray J.

The company titled the film Kim Karsdashian Superstar, and it was made available in adult stores in DVD format and online through pay per view. Like a box office Hollywood movie, the sex tape was distributed in a number of editions and cuts. There were even special websites wherein some footages not included on the DVD were sold through premium pay per view.

People who have seen the video generally give positive remarks on the content. The tape lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The video resolution is also praised from being crystal clear. According to Kim, the tape was never intended to be public viewing material. It was shot by Ray J in 2004, when she and the singer were still in a relationship.

Kim Kardashian is definitely not just a celebrity with a scandalous sex tape. In fact, she used the sex tape to her advantage, mixed it with her family influence and money to become the Hollywood star she is now. She has been given her own reality television show with her family, and keeps on getting invited as a guest in several television shows. Women love her because of her gigs in cosmetics, clothes, and food; and men love her precisely because of her legendary sex tape.

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  6. She said that Elizabeth Taylor is her idol: Sorry but Elizabeth Taylor was a great women and Kim Kardashian is nothing but a porn star…

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